Dizzy Diamonds Quilt

This pattern was inspired by abstract painter Max Bill’s “Six Penetrating Colors” (1966-67), which I found in a book I picked up from the Brown Elephant. Resisting the improvisational impulse other abstractionists like Kandinsky called for, Bill sought a mathematical approach to art based in rhythms, formulae, and variations. Beyond the inspiration for the diamond block, I improvised the remainder of the quilt. The cotton-print fabric selections and diamond pattern evoke traditional quilting aesthetics, offset by a tilt that is distinctly contemporary. A bricolage of both old and new, this quilt queers the history of quilting with a postmodern design that fits just as comfortably in a cottage or a loft.

This pattern is FREE and should not be sold, feel free to give copies to your friends! If you liked this pattern and would like to support my work and vision of a future with more pay-if-you-like-it patterns, contributions can be sent to one of the following:

Venmo: @TommyToast Paypal: tschafer47@gmail.com CashApp: $ToastedBrioche

Or feel free to contact me about other options

Full pattern details can be found in the PDF

Difficulty: Intermediate

Finished Size: 65″ by 85″

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