The Musaica Cowl

The Musaica Cowl is  about honoring the small details that surround us everyday. This cowl is a celebration of a single leaf on my Calathea musaica for a picture. I received a cutting of my friend’s for my birthday and though it’s struggled quite a bit, I have been amazed by its will to live,… Continue reading The Musaica Cowl

The Dioptric Cowl

I recently went on a  much-needed vacation with my partner and family. While on Tybee Island we visited a local lighthouse and saw the incredible innovation that allowed a small light to project almost 20 miles into the open Atlantic. The Fresnel lens, within, bends light with bands of similarly-angled but slowly shifting glass surfaces,… Continue reading The Dioptric Cowl

The ThreeequenSki Cap

Being announced as part of the #ThreeequencyKAL The ThreeequenSki Cap takes the staccato patterning of the Threeequency Pullover and pairs it with the delightful slow fade of Spincycle’s Dyed in the Wool. However, it can be knit with any pairing of two fingering weight yarns and the pattern contains customization instructions for lengths from 9”… Continue reading The ThreeequenSki Cap

The Ruby Throated Cowl

In Collaboration with Knit 1 Chicago and inspired by the flit- tering, flashy colored hummingbirds that love to swarm my grandmother’s porch, the Ruby-throated cowl will bring the warmth of summer to your neck all winter long. A charted slip stitch and cable-knit design, you’ll hold only one color for each row alternating which stitch… Continue reading The Ruby Throated Cowl

The Saturnalia Yoke

On December 21, 2020, the Winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will come within 0.1 degrees of one another, forming the cyclical, 20 year, great conjunction. When these planets are aligned we can expect the end of one era and the birth of another, the intensification of old forms dying as new growth and fertility replaces… Continue reading The Saturnalia Yoke

The Sumac Glass Hat

One of my favorite places near my hometown is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home built for Susan Lawrence Dana, an heiress and feminist socialite who was known for her spooky séances and love of the occult. Her home is one of the best remaining examples of Wright’s prairie style and in this particular home… Continue reading The Sumac Glass Hat

The YesSuri Cowl

Utilizing a a technique I call Stranded Marling, the YesSuri Cowl incorporates suri alpaca fiber with some stitches, but not others, resulting in a spray of color that pops with eye-catching texture. Floats of the baby suri on the wrong- side thrum the inside of the cowl with a baby- soft lining that keeps you… Continue reading The YesSuri Cowl

The Threeequency Pullover

The Threeequency Pullover is all about repetition and screams “Look at this!” while also making it hard to stare for long. Knit in Brooklyn Tweed’s Peerie, a lofty fingering weight yarn, this pullover blends the lightness of a fingering weight sweater with the warmth of American Merino wool. Its natural ability to bloom after blocking… Continue reading The Threeequency Pullover

The Oscillator Gaiter

The Oscillator Gaiter is a quick, garter stitch project, knit flat, then connected with Kitchener stitch and finished on both side with an i-cord edge. Lore is a toothy dk-weight yarn that feels slightly rustic but has the structure and warmth needed for exactly this kind of project. Full pattern details can be found in… Continue reading The Oscillator Gaiter


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