Oak Park Quilt

This Quilt was inspired by a day when I felt so blessed to have a somewhat unexpected visit from my parents and grandma. We toured the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio and drank wine through the afternoon. It was all around an amazing day. One of the rooms in FLW’s home was his children’s play area, complete with a vaulted ceiling, stage to give play performances on, and vast wide windows, in clear glass but caned with a rectangular design that caught my eye. This quilt is my interpretation of that window with colors that are bright, exciting, and found in nature.

The quilt itself only has 30 seams to match, the rest of the piecing relying on strips that build upon each other to outline wide swaths of color blocking. The quilt itself is large, but I do hope to have a smaller version to append soon 🙂

Happy Quilting!

This pattern is FREE and should not be sold, feel free to give copies to your friends! If you liked this pattern and would like to support my work and vision of a future with more pay-if-you-like-it patterns, contributions can be sent to one of the following:

Venmo: @TommyToast Paypal: tschafer47@gmail.com CashApp: $ToastedBrioche

Or feel free to contact me about other options

Full pattern details can be found in the PDF

Difficulty: Adventurous beginner

Finished Size: 92″ tall by 75″ Wide

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