The Threeequency Knit-A-Long!

Click Here to Access The Threeequency KAL Google Sign Up Form:

With the Summer in full swing I think it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much there is to do while also coping with our pandemic FOMO and trying to see all of our friends on the chance that we have to quarantine again come Fall. I know in Chicago it’s making the highly sought after season feel even more precious. that being said, a Knit-a-long is probably the last thing on anybody’s mind, but I’m just so excited to start knitting the Threeequency patterns with you all so that we can have some perfect Fall pullovers and early Winter hats come Halloween!

I have a few motivations for wanting to do this KAL and I sincerely hope you’ll join us on the journey.

  1. I hope to inspire others to learn stranded color work with this virtually float-free Yoke sweater design, which, if youre new to colorwork, means no pesky extra long threads being carried on the back of your work. This design was manifested out of a repeating pattern of 3s: 3 yellows, 3 blues, 3 yellows, 3 blues and so on. While I then mirrored the repetition with itself to form the final design, there is perhaps a single round in the chart that has more than 5 stitches of the same color in a row. Thus, I deem this a perfect first-colorwork chart!

2. I understand that fingering weight sweaters can be DAUNTING (the sample for this was only the 3rd I had made) and I want to help support you in the 91 days that the KAL will last. As previously stated I’m going to organize several Zoom meet-ups to check-in with everyone who wants to and just to generally hang. It’s my intention to ALSO give out PRIZES at the Zoom Meet-ups. To get the links for the meet-ups you should add your information to the Google form above!

If you have absolutely no desire to make new friends or hang out with knitters form all over online then can just use the Hashtag #ThreeequencyKAL to participate, but given who I’ve seen sign up already the Zooms are bound to be a hoot!

3. PRIZES. I’ve realized I have a lot of precious-to-me and hopefully beautiful-to-you handspun or handdyed yarns and knitwear samples that I’d rather see used and worn than on my shelf. Moving and the Pandemic have both turned me into a bit of a craft supply hoarder (who am I kidding I have always been this way) and I’d love to pass the joy of random gorgeous yarns onto you 🙂

3. Lastly and certainly not leastly, it brings me so much joy to help folks work with my patterns. At the end of the day I want anyone knitting one of my designs to feel like they’re learning, they’re empowered, and they are going to get the perfect knit for them at the end. So if you want advice on things like, using different yarn weights, resizing certain measurements, gauge swatching, or choosing colors I am totally open to any and all questions because I want us to learn together and get better at our craft everyday 🙂

So the details:

To participate use the #ThreeequencyKAL on instagram. I will be doing my best to reshare your progress and hype you up!

Sunday August 1, 2021 (Time TBD)! The Cast-On Party: This can be your casting on a swatch, or casting on your project, either way I’m going to give a Zoom lesson on how I do provisional Cast Ons with no crochet chain and usually get pretty good tension for a tubular Cast-on. If the tubular Cast on is new to you, let me tell you it’s LIFE changing. You know the sweaters you see at the store with perfect clean edge on their ribbing… you too can have a nice ribbing edge! (I swear thats not innuendo)

Before August 1st, Feel free to start posting about which colors you’re going to use, or ask me about yarn suggestions and color suggestions! Hit me up on email or instagram @edible_chrome!

Links to the Threeequency Pullover and ThreequenSki Cap design pages can be found here:

The ThreeequenSki Cap

The Threeequency Pullover

Any Additional information as it becomes available will appear here

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