A vision of what’s to come…

I hinted on my instagram story yesterday that I would be announcing something BIG on my birthday. May 5th I turn 29, WHOO the COVID-19 pandemic really stole the last 2 years of my 20s… I am… coping…

Perhaps needless to say, today is a high holiday in my book, a time to enter a cloudy space and re-envision what we want out of ourselves, our work and our next year. The first day of Taurus season invites us to focus on ourselves, our material needs, and to imagine new ways we can continue to support our friends and communities.

On this 4/20 I am releasing my Knug Cowl pattern as a test of my Pay-If-You-Like-It concept. The pattern is free for anyone, it’s open to making copies and giving to your friends. If you’re a Local Yarn Store, give it out for free, use it to sell your yarn! Pay for it… if you want to, no pressure!

Keep an eye out for new posts on this blog space, I am reeeeealllly trying to encourage myself to use it more, 10th blog’s the charm right?

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you check-in again on May 5th, my personal deadline for moving my patterns and project details to this space, away from Ravelry and Etsy.

For time time being, Download and share the Knug Cowl pattern here:

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